Brooklyn: What I Ate, Drank, and Took From the City With The Bridge

The trip to Brooklyn would mean something different for each of us. But none of us would know exactly what until the weekend came to an end. For me it manifested itself as a symbol of my current life journey. Uncertain, unpredictable, and full of adventure that filled my spirit and left me asking myself lots of questions about the future.

I’m sitting on the periphery of what could be considered a very exciting season. A sort of voyage, bringing me to stations and stops along the way I never knew existed. Those will eventually be brought to light and to life, but not yet. For now they will stay in a sort of secret space. Not one of these situations are within my control. They occupy my brain frequently with questions like: What if I? What will others say? What if they? What do I want?  I’m learning that there is no reason to entertain these thoughts prematurely. The circumstances aren’t fully developed yet, so my processing towards them or of them shouldn’t be either. I should just settle in and enjoy the ride. It’s uncomfortable, yet enjoyable. It doesn’t matter what I do, even if I do everything that I think is right, the answers will come as the stories unfold. I might as well enjoy the feeling of being a little lost.

Late Friday morning, it immediately became clear that we were not comfortably tucked in along the Coast of Virginia any longer. As we approached the city and crossed over one of the many bridges into Brooklyn, we were just about an hour away from our desired check in time…it was then that we were notified our Air BNB was canceled. After a slight moment of hesitation, we immediately took to problem solving.  Our little pack came together. One focused on driving and navigating us through the city, one took to Google, and one took to call after call to hotels until we came across the wonderful folks at the Marriott. They not only expressed their sincerest apologies for something they had nothing to do with, they gave us the good news of a room they had available with 1 king size bed. Upon our arrival they noticed there were 3 of us and extended us a two bedroom room and late check out on Sunday. Weekend went on as scheduled!


 6:30 am I boarded the New York subway system with a coffee in one hand and confidence in the other. I had a map, plenty of time, and thankfully a fully charged phone. As instructed per our hotel concierge I ventured to train f (appropriately named) and set off for Coney Island. I learned later there are two f trains. I also learned later I was on the wrong one. I would come to spend 3 hours on that train. Almost coming completely unraveled, heartbroken and nearly to tears. I had done everything right?!?! How could it be I was missing my friends race altogether even though I was “fully prepared.” How many times does that happen to use in life? Have you ever felt like you were missing something? Or on the wrong bus…train? Maybe you were meant to miss it. Maybe you were meant to be rerouted for something else.

Sharing the experience with girlfriends later… it was brought to my attention how parallel that subway experience was to my current spot. Just like those circumstances mentioned above. I needed to know it was ok to get lost. It was ok to not know where I was going. I needed to see how I recovered after a reroute. After a change of direction. After being stranded. There is bliss in the blindness and our journeys never end. We make stops. Right now, the universe is deciding what my next one is.

Our post race plans went on as scheduled with time in Williamsburg. Hitting up local vintage shops, breweries, and restaurants. Saturday night served up time for celebration and time well spent with each other.


Before heading back to cleaner eating (currently simmering a pot of detox chicken soup), a structured schedule, and everything that we called home in VA…we took the opportunity to travel across the Brooklyn Bridge and into Manhattan. We soaked up the sun, the sites, and smells. There is something so beautiful about the colors and combinations in the local fashion, the sounds of the many international languages, and the unique culture that is so opposite of my little beach life.

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It was a weekend full of adventure with great friends. I fondly take away with me a few extra pounds, pockets full of memories, and a new attitude of openness. Remembering we have nothing to loose and an entire world of possibility to experience!

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