From Broken To Bold

FullSizeRender 4I was inspired the first time I attended the WELL Women VB workshop (a group of go-getter females who desire to be successful in their professional and personal lives).  It was also the first time they held the workshop in the wonderful dwelling that is 1701. An event that moved me so much,  I went to FB live after the event wrapped that evening. An event that moved me so much, I attended again and again. An event that overwhelmed me with pride when I was asked to be the January workshop speaker.

I was thrilled to present,  to what I knew would be an amazing group of women who shared the common goal of wanting to live well. I was completely overtaken with joy when just days before the scheduled talk, I learned that even after adding more seating, the event was sold out at 43 attendees. Those in attendance were acquaintances, clients, fitness partners, childhood friends, and new faces I would have the privilege of meeting and welcoming into my tribe. As the night began, nearly 50 of us filled the room.


While it may have been my story that was spotlighted in the January WELL Women workshop, there were many other stories that were shared and even re-wrtitten before my very eyes that night. I spoke about being broken open and the opportunity that followed me after a trying time in my early thirties. During an open floor moment that night, woman after woman let her voice come forward and out. Stories of illness, loss, adventure, and new challenges lingered in the air. I found myself nodding, laughing, and even at times tearing up with them. I am grateful I had the where with all to go to my journal as I listened. I managed to scribble a few notes as they spoke. They too had been broken, and now were daring to be bold. Bold and brave as they shared their stories with a group that might have been new to them, but yet equally felt so comfortable. We all had become transformed somehow that night. Re-using words from the night: we were giving ourselves permission to write our own rules, we were unapologetic, we were embracing our space, we were honoring the way we functioned best, and while we were terrified of the unknown, we passionately charged ahead anyway. I was truly witnessing something so powerful. You could feel it in the air. The amount of energy in one space was bigger than any of us could have ever imagined.

I left with my cup runneth over. After my night with WELL Women VB, it is with conviction, I know I was gifted by the experience and gained as much from them as I could have hoped that I left.


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