Bridal Beauty and Birthday Lunch

All the countdowns are on. Birthday, Shamrock, Wedding! With that comes all the prep, planning, and celebrating! After another fabulous wedding dream last night, I woke with anxiety and worry over the silliest of things. My personal beauty routine if you can believe that.

Some of my collection

According to Pinterest and every bridal checklist… the 4 month til #IDo mark is the time to start ALL of the beauty appointments. Facials, nails, hair, waxing, tanning, injectables, teeth whitening, etc…information overload! Wait am I not good enough, pretty enough, or glamorous enough to be a bride? I’m planning on some of those things the week or two before the big day…but 4 months! Many of those suggestions aren’t even things I do now. It seems crazy to me to consider adding in something new to my routine that frankly isn’t even me. I stay on top of my highlights, I get pedicures in the off season from long runs, and I thought I had a pretty good daily skin regimen. After some breath work and prayer, I let it go in the form of this post!

My personal thoughts: 

  1. I have a great routine in place for my weekly beauty. I have practiced DIY home facials and mani/pedis every Thursday since college. I enjoy this time and look forward to it weekly like a good run or stretch session. When and if I miss this time, I feel anxious. 
  2. Who has time for all these suggested appts? Why do ALL brides need them? 
  3. Holy cow, who can afford all these appts/services/procedures?
  4. Why is this important? Doesn’t the groom love the bride just as she is? This is the message we should be sending girls.

Remembering who I am at the core and standing firm in that is uber refreshing. I got engaged in the middle of a sweatfilled, salt filled, make up free, sunny 8 mile trail run for crying out loud. I am appreciative to be an older bride who can identify this messaging gap. I am sharing my expericne here to remind women that you only need to add things to your fitness or beauty routine that #sparkjoy Just KonMari the heck out of it!

When it comes to participating in drastic beauty treatments, it is kind of like going on a crash diet or something weeks before your big day. Isn’t your wedding about being the best version of yourself and exuding LOVE…including some for yourself. The best version meaning, the most healthy and happy YOU?

I’m turning 39, I run a business, I run a small household, and I run myself. I’m remembering that happy girls look the prettiest and I can’t imagine being more happy than I will in the middle of June. During this wedding planning process I’ve learned that being in the now is important, but allowing yourself to determine what’s worth savoring and possibly swapping for forward thinking is KEY. Don’t miss out on the moments.

Focus on the things that you and your guests will remember! Maybe it’s the dress, maybe it’s the vows, but it certainly won’t be the amount of facials or manicures you get before hand. Self care is a fundamental part of my belief system. I crave it. I need it. But when it becomes my focus, that is problematic.

As my Thursday morning continued, I began the weekly ritual of face masks and nail grooming. I prepped myself for a lovely lunch with friends. These two wonderful souls wanted to celebrate my birthday. We met at Leaping Lizard and ordered all of the phenomenal food. Soups, salads, quiche, and even cake! Could you imagine if I had missed out on that opportunity? 

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