Behind The Scenes Of My Brand Refresh

Growth has been the theme of the season, so it is no surprise I decided to spread that magic right on over to the little blog that could.

In 2011 I started this blog as a way to claw my way out of a cave of doubt. Health, happiness, financial wellness, and love were completely fractured before my eyes. In the past seven years, I have been on a very personal quest to find them all. Things that were important to that 30 year old chic, are very different from this now bold and convicted 37 year old women.  I have learned a lot about myself, about what and who I hold dear, about what hobbies I will always find time for, and about the kind of life I want to live.

There have been tough times, but even more blissful ones. Making up a significant journey I hope other women are fortunate enough to experience.  I have chosen a new blog layout to better reflect that growth and share those intimate moments of my life with you. And can you guess what? Health, happiness, financial wellness, and love are starting to finally feel on track.

What will be the same? A lot!!! As the leader of this tribe, I vow to bring you the same quality content in categories like nutrition, faith, and lifestyle. You can continue to count on a regular dose of my personal stories as it relates to my fitness trials and triumphs. I will keep sharing my collection of recipes, workouts, and products to bring you closer to the sweatfilled- soulful life you deserve.

What’s new? As a writer and business owner, my skills have developed much like they have in fitness. For that, I will be adding features from time to time showcasing my passion for social media and marketing.

I hope you adore the new upgrades and additions as much I have enjoyed crafting them. Join the TFP tribe!

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