Make Bold Moves In Prayer And On The Pavement

Running and prayer both take sacred space within my week. Both lead to time spent with God. But when it comes to being BOLD in both,  it often creates a challenge for me.

Running has never been about being at the front of the pack or winning the race for me. But it has always been about being bold in the pursuit of my goals. Being brave enough to push the pace, or chase the clock. Even being bold when it comes to decisions of knowing when not to run or not to race take big intent and cause internal struggle. My relationship with prayer is much the same way. I have a good little life. I have so many blessings. But I struggle with the idea of wanting and asking for more. Is it appropriate? Is it greedy? Is it acceptable? Turns out the answer for both scenarios is similar!

When I run in nature I feel close to God: by the sea, on the trails, and yesterday at the boardwalk.  Saturday I ran with a friend I grew up with. We met at church sometime before middle school.  That’s why I believe we are still friends. God started our friendship and is at the center of our relationship still. Over 25 years and Braden and I have seen it all. God has been along every step of the way just as he is during many of my runs. He guides, he pushes, he even reroutes me over obstacles to a more protected or appropriate path.

This week kicked off the season of Lent. Mid week I attended my favorite church service of the year, Ash Wednesday. Maybe it’s because it falls around my birthday or maybe it’s because the service is about cleansing. I think it’s because in that service, I get a customized prayer sent up to the heavens. The prayer is always big. But I never remember it being as bold as this year. As the oil was placed on my head and the prayer was said aloud, I was floored at how bold and brazen my pastor was. He asked for BIG things in a BIG way. He spoke to God about me and my prayers in a tone that rocked my world. I was inspired.  I was reminded to get back to daily prayers. I was also encouraged to pray my own bold, intentional prayers. I was being rerouting.

I shared the story with my friend Braden over Starbucks, a new Saturday morning post run ritual.  Soon after wrapping my story, another dear runner friend Carla came in for her post run treat as well. Without prompting, she boldly shared her own story of God and how he had showed himself boldly on her run. She shared with grace and I knew it was no coincidence. God was big and we had our eyes and hearts open enough to witness his light. We all laughed as I compared the moment to being hit upside the head w a 2×4! HELLO…wake up!

Both of these women live boldly and make me feel more confident in my own bold moves as well. Being bold doesn’t mean we are not afraid, it means having faith in the process, in ourselves, and in God to trust the outcome. I took some time Sunday afternoon to journal a mini pray board. This will serve as a daily reminder to send those prayers up!

The mission for the week is to go BOLD. Show intent!  Do it on a run, do it when you pray. Expect the best and trust all of it!

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