Live Your Best Self In The Season You Are In

Adjustment and the search for space in my new routine continues. The past few years my life has had very loose boundaries between my personal and professional Jess. The same girl, many sides. I think for the last  couple of months, I was trying to clearly define who each was. Setting a border around one to protect the other.

As the week passed by I found myself asking this question: Who says you have to be just one thing for your entire life? As soon as I wrote the question down in black and white I realized how ridiculous it sounded and how ridiculous it was that I was conflicted with any thought around this scenario. I was reminded of my own words about being broken, living a bold life and creating your own rules. I also was reminded of a conversation I had this past weekend with a friend. It was in regards to running. She mentioned how she use to love running half marathons and marathons, multiple ones per season and that she is finding more joy with the shorter races and workouts. Immediately I said to her “Maybe that was the season for that. That doesn’t mean you have to love running long right now, but you can still love running.” Essentially, our spirit will require different things based on the season we are in. It is about living the best life you can…for right now. 

In my pursuit of my own processing, I turned to You Tube. Clips of Oprah surfaced to the top of my search.  This icon is famous for encouraging others to live their best life. She has built a career on it. And while we are on the subject of career, let’s take a look at her’s. 

She thought she would be a school teacher. Instead she became a news reporter, then a talk show host, from there a magazine editor, school founder, network owner….the list goes on and on. No one seems to be judging her by her changing job titles. In fact, I think most people are impressed. 

I certainly am not comparing myself to the Great O…but I did begin as a teacher, then advertising sales, to blogger, trainer, entrepreneur, and marketing specialist. While the titles have changed a bit, each one brought me to where I sit today, in a current space that allows me to do virtually all of the above.

Some of the opportunities we find ourselves in don’t always make sense to us. What if the current opportunity you are in is the test you must pass before going on to the next experience? Kinda like waves washing over sea glass. Each wave necessary in the molding and smoothing of the rough spots. When the glass is finally ready, it will wash up on the shore. Oprah has a similar perspective when it comes to failure or lessons. “It’s just an experience” in other words it’s not that big of a deal. The big deal would be if you are continually served up the same lesson repeatedly because you did not learn it the first time. She says we all want the same thing. “We want to live out the truest, highest version of ourself” I choose to believe this is true. 

That’s why it’s so hard for us to settle in to experiences, seasons, and times that are tough. It’s because we feel so innately that we don’t belong in those moments. But what we need to understand is that those times are the ones that really mold us for the times when we get to be courageous. When we get to choose. Choose to run a race, enter a fitness competition, quit a job, leave a relationship, begin a relationship, start a book. The courage to be yourself. Whatever brings you true joy is your truest version. If you were supposed to be someone else, you’d have a twin. 

I am letting go of my own insecurity of what others and my ego think I should be. Kinda like my view of the marathon. My running will not be measured on that fact I have yet to run a marathon. I may never. I do not know the answer to that today. But I do know I have been running road races since I was 14 years old….so I am pretty sure that makes me a runner….hell… one race would make me runner. It is just another title I get to throw behind my name…I think it fits nicely.

Christian|Coffee Drinker |Runner| Blogger|Influencer|Marketer|Tribe Leader

ACECertified Personal Trainer
RRCA Certified Coach
Brooks Running Ambassador


“You have to know what sparks the light in you so that you, in your own way, can illuminate the world” Oprah Winfrey

My prayer for each of us is that we use each opportunity to make great impressions, learn great things, and strengthen our skills. Will you join me in living your best self in the season you are in? 

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