Benefits Of Spin For Runners

Spinning, I love you…let me count the ways!

Thank you CYCLEBAR – Hilltop for allowing me to take part in the fun of your amazing studio!

The first year I broke 2 hours in a half marathon I was on the spin bike regularly. I also participated in 2 strength training sessions per week, 3-4 runs, and regular daily stretching. It was an ideal training season! I am not sure what the clock will say this March, but I find myself back in an ideal training season once again! 

After layering spin back into my existing routine this fall, I was thrilled to learn of a brand new spin studio opening up a couple miles from my house. Hello Cyclebar

As a runner, I love the additional cardio days that require little to no impact. Spin serves as the ideal cross training option for running. Spinning regularly strengthens running muscles, helping to prevent injury. A good spin class also engages your core, works your upper body, and activates those glutes! Not to mention it tones up the legs nicely. Spinning is a phenomenal way to get “more miles” and remain injury free. It’s high intensity and low impact like swimming. Anyone at any level can drop in and let their body lead the way. Don’t get wrapped up in the ranking or the level of your resistance knob. Some classes, I use as an all out workout challenge. Other classes I use as a shake out or recovery ride. Sunday’s shake out spin came after 8 miles (I ranked 37/37). Wednesday’s class was part two of a cardio workout (ranked 16/34), allowing me to log more miles safely. Either way I work it, I leave sweat filled!

As a trainer, I love zoning out on the bike for the 45 minute class. I show up, I sit down, and all I have to do is ride. No leading from me. Depending on what I’ve already done that week will dictate what I do in the class.

Nothing beats a good long run or a strength training session in my book. The beauty of fitness is that you don’t have to choose. I believe the perfect program involves multiple fitness outlets. Keeping the body guessing has proven to be effective for me not only in performance but in aesthetics as well. Switching it up keeps your personal routine fun, rewarding, making it more likely to stick with it. All of my clients partake in additional weekly fitness options outside of their personalized training sessions. I have runners, yogis, and Pilates lovers. Each piece of their program compliments the other. I’m thrilled to allow spin to compliment my half marathon training this season…#sweatingforthewedding

If you like good music, dancing, sweating, and challenging yourself then CYCLEBAR is for you!

It’s the added bump (a little spin humor) I needed. Jason’s been getting in on the action too!

Sunday Spin Dates At The Bar!

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