Benefits of A Morning Routine

Recently at a client goal setting meeting, the concept Morning Routine became center focus. I believe it’s such a crucial part of the day. It’s my favorite time of day. It sets the tone. And when observed several days in a row, my week flows successfully. 4 to 5 days a week I follow the same routine. Weekends have their own loose schedule. For workdays: the days I’m seeing clients, attending meetings, and fulfilling our life task list, I find structure a key to completing all the things. When I’m properly rested, energized, and organized I can accomplish so much more.
Imagine how you’d feel if you took a beat each morning to sip something warm, honor the stillness, take in some inspiration, talk with God, and maybe even move a little. Moments like these don’t have to be reserved for the weekends.
My entire day and week follows such a system. For now, here is an example of my week day mornings. And yes I’m a make my bed kind of gal.

Here are a few tips that will set your weekday up for success. Implement a few of these into your coming week.

  1. Set your alarm for a realistic wake up. Choose reoccurring days Monday – Friday. Assign a joyful tune or sound effect to that wake up call. Make it personal.
  2. Have your coffee pot on a timer or have all supplies ready to put your morning beverage together. If meal prepping is your thing, have breakfast ready as well.
  3. Have a morning mantra. Create a pinterest board with quotes, prayers, or verses that will spark joy in your morning. Buy a daily devotional or meditation book. Take 2-5 minutes to skim while you sip your morning routine.
  4. Lightly straighten up before bed. Leave your home in the state you’d like to wake up to. It doesn’t have to perfect, just tidy.
  5. Go to sleep at the same time each night. Securing the same amount of sleep per night will leave you feeling rested regularly and ready for those new early morning wake up calls.


Morning Routine of The Most Successful People

The Ultimate Morning Routine for Success of Highly Successful People 

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