Become Your Own Wellness Warrior

What a month! I remember sending out my October invoices several weeks ago. It would be a long month with 4 and 1/2 weeks. This allowed for lots of weekly training sessions and for what I knew would be a month to make a BIG difference in terms of fitness for me and my clients.

My clients are more like family to me than customers. We call ourselves a tribe. Overused word perhaps, but we collaborate with each other, learn from each other, protect each other, and encourage each other. I spend 2-3 hours a week with each of them, not to mention the daily correspondence of social media posts, texts, and recipe sharing. Sometimes I have to remind myself that their fitness struggles, goals, and accomplishments are not mine. But all the strategy, planning, and emotional prep we do leaves blurred lines.

As we began the month, I knew a few of the tribe members were coming up on some hefty workout goals and races. I even committed to heavier weights and higher reps when it came to my own fitness.

As for the personal trainer side of me, my goal for October was to:

  1. Keep them engaged
  2. Keep them accountable
  3. Be accessible
  4. Walk the fine line of trainer tough love and tenderness 
  5. Celebrate their achievements

To keep everyone on track, I implemented weekly themes/mantras for our group.

Things like:

  1. Be your own wellness warrior: Commit to weekly workouts, prep food properly, ask for help, prioritize health.
  2. Know the difference between rigid vs routine: Be realistic about how much time you can shift towards a healthy, fit lifestyle. Are you spending your time accordingly? Develop a regular weekly workout routine, cooking sessions, and sleep habits. Adopt habits that support the goals you are moving towards.
  3. What’s cooking ?: Determine a nutrition style that suits your goals, cook meals that reflect your health and fitness goals, participate in indulgences appropriately, and allow for some fluidity when it comes to real life.
  4. The scale isn’t the only way to measure your success: Become aware of your accomplishments. Are you stronger? Are you faster? Are your clothes fitting better?

As the month comes to an end, it is proving to be mission accomplished for many! Each member of this tribe is a different version of themselves than they were before. They are cooking more, working out harder and more often.  They are thinking ahead more when it comes to what they want for themselves. Conversations are being had regarding 2019 goals! These ladies are heading into the holiday season with a strong health and fitness foundation.

Here are a few sweat worthy spotlight moments…

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