August: Living By Intention

Set an intention. You have most likely heard this in any recent yoga class.  I always long for this opening, just before the practice begins. The chance to set your mind free. You clear it, reset it, strike a pose for purpose and re-engage with time on your mat. It is important to do this with life’s task list as well. Are you simply going through the motions, moving swiftly on to the next item at hand? Instead, re-engage, live with intention….be deliberate. Determine what brings you joy, what talents you can offer to make a difference, what resources do you have that could help others? Identify your purpose and intentionally live towards it.


Hello August…I have big plans for you and for fall! With the start of the new month, I’m setting my intentions. I intend to be kind to myself and to others and be diligent with my work…professionally, personally, physically. While I continue to conspire for my world take over…coming soon…I’m still soaking up every moment of summer the season serves up. The miles and meditation on the sand will increase with the turning of the calendar. The intent to live heathy and nourish my body sufficiently will continue as the days slowly grow cooler. I intend to live with purpose, fulfilling my mission to help the homeless. I intend to let my light shine in my own little online world of expression. I intend to have dinners with friends and order from the unhealthy side of the menu. I intend to not let open bottles of champagne in my fridge go to waste. I intend to run more miles in the fall than before and do so with little care of the clock. I intend to turn down projects that don’t financially or spiritually fulfill me. I intend to pray hard for friends that are hurting and give praise for those experiencing joy. I intend to keep the balance I have built the past few months.


How can you live a more intent life? A more purposeful one? Set your intention and share with me. I’d love to encourage you along your journey.

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