Approach Anxiety Like A Boss

As a child, I was passionate, excited, eager, and energetic…very similar to now. Somewhere in later elementary school is when I was forced to deal with a neighborhood bully who was twice my size. This person stole any timidness or passive personality traits I may have also had. Being significantly smaller, I quickly acquired a certain toughness. It was protection.  I became bold and fearless.


I have always had a sensitive belly. There are butterflies trapped inside is what I would describe it as. It wasn’t until later in life I realized what all those trapped butterflies actually were or why I had them. Just in the past few years, I have been able to give it a name and remove any negative connotations I had associated with it. I believe  everyone deals with traumatic events that at one time or another trigger anxiety or fear. We are not responsible for everything that happens to us. Our only responsibility is to learn tools and skills that help us handle these rocky times. I have learned that anxiety is a part of me, it comes in waves, it is there in good times and in bad.  There are things I do daily to try and stay ahead of it. My healthy addiction to running and writing are therapeutic forms of stress release.

I was so impressed to hear about Prince Harry seeking counseling after 20 years of not dealing with his mother’s death. Proof that it is never too late and even the royals are plagued with the same troubles we are.

Do you ever feel like you want to close up shop? That could mean many different things to many people. It can be applicable in fitness…pressure to look a certain way…eat a certain way…sweat a certain way…GIVE ME A BREAK! In business it can be equally brutal, especially for women. You should win this award….be recognized here…make this amount of money…juggle family…fitness…finances. You feel like the rules that were written…by someone else might I add, simply just don’t apply to you.

Recently I was facilitating a social media coaching session for one of my peers and we began discussing this exact thing. Living with these feelings can be paralyzing. It can kill your creative spirit. It can do a number on your mind. The comparisons begin and the inadequacy and insecurities surface. As I have mentioned in blogs before , this isn’t something that we should push deep down inside or try to eliminate. As the meeting progressed, we both became inspired. We each left with a list of tasks that took us back to the basics.


1. Identify what is causing the anxiety. Allow it to exist, but not overtake you. As Brene’ Brown and my friend Kristy says, it can be messy in the middle. The good thing about the middle is that there is something on the other side of it. It isn’t the end.

2. Be easy and gentle with yourself. Navigate thru it. Go back to your roots. Find peace. Roll out your yoga mat and breath. Turn on your oil diffuser and take in the chill vibes.

3. Get Creative, play. If it isn’t fun, don’t do it! Spend time crafting up new workouts, new vision boards, new recipes. Seek out healthy distractions you are passionate about. Spend time on things that nurture soulful living.

4. Get cozy. Sleep, nap, siesta! Anxiety can be both emotionally and physically exhausting. Let yourself rest.

5. Talk it up. Giving it a voice is part of fighting through it.  Chat through the crap! Asking for support and help is brave and leaves you in the driver seat.

I wasn’t sure about sharing this post, but I decided if I needed to write it, then it needed to be shared. I may always be the girl with the butterflies trapped inside, but I am learning to handle that anxiety like a boss!

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