Alignment: With Your Purpose, Passions, Philosophy

If you’re looking for a body mechanics article or one on postural alignment, this isn’t it. When referencing alignment, I am wondering if your day to day actions and commitments match your innate needs.

I’ve been a podcast junkie lately and love to listen to things that educate me or open my eyes to knew possibilities. These episodes are playing in the house, in the car, and even while I am in the shower. I love to learn more about topics that interest me. Fitness, business, and faith rank in the top. Since I’m not the best reader, podcasts have become a space of educating and even intent for me. These are free resources from top people gang! I would venture to say they share these stories and learnings because it is in alignment with their beliefs. 

I recently listened to the Unbeatable Mind Podcast where I heard Mark Divine refered to alignment as something like this

is what you’re doing, in alignment with your purpose, passion, and philosophy

In simpler terms you may relate it to chasing goals. If you set a goal to run a half marathon, is your day to day fitness and nutrition plan in line with getting you to the start line of the big race.

Another frequently listened to podcast is Oprah SuperSoul Conversations. Each episode is packed with wisdom from influential change makers and industry experts. Oprah recently interviewed Michelle Obama regarding the release of her book Becoming. When Mrs. Obama was asked about the title choice, her answer floored me. She spoke about always becoming something. Kind of like that next version of herself. She expressed the thought that one should never stop learning. How sad that would be. YASSS!!! She dialogued about the time she knew she didn’t want to be a lawyer anymore. While she was good at it, it didn’t serve her. She wasn’t passionate about it! Out of alignment?!?!

I related so much to that thought and have had so many thoughts about that over the years. I spent most of my high school years volunteering in the elementary education capacity only to go on to college to get my teaching license. I was checking lists, working towards ultimately teaching in my home city post college. I was good at it. I was even recognized for it. But I wasn’t passionate about it. In fact I found it frustrating. I thought I was suppose to love it and even suppose to want to do it forever. But I didn’t. I wondered and questioned what was wrong with me. After a handful of years teaching at a fabulous school, I made the career choice to move into sales and marketing. I was good at that as well. Again recognized for it. I had freedom in my schedule, I had more money in the bank but in my core I was completely out of alignment. Closer but not exactly in aligned. I knew there was something more, I just didn’t know what it was. After years of internal struggling and a budding new blog, it finally had become clear. I was suppose to use my teaching experience and the sales and marketing expertise I had acquired to market my own business and teach clients about fitness. It was in motion. It was in alignment with my core beliefs and philosophy. It was something I was proud of and passionate about. 

During another podcast Saturday, I heard a discussion with author Sue Monk Kid. She talked about having a small true light. You know that thing that literally lights you up when you speak about it. Sue Monk Kid describes a home sick feeling from being out of alignment professionally. She was a nurse and on her 30th birthday she declared she would be a writer. She did not know why, how, and where. She just knew it was in her core. That’s exactly how I felt before my shift. Homesick. The pit of my stomach never felt good. I wasn’t paying attention to where I belonged ?

I have never been able to put words to it until now. I clearly know I’m doing what I’m meant to do with my passion and purpose. I do often wonder what makes me special enough to actually do it. Why doesn’t everyone listen to their small true light?

Let me urge you and educate you on how important this is. Your entire being depends on it. And in some ways, so does the universe. Honor your gifts. Honor yourself. Share them to make everyone’s time here is better. Make steps to re-align. Be sure to practice your skills and believes with yourself. It wouldn’t do me any good to help others and never set fitness goals or standards of living for myself. Boundaries and guidelines are essential to living our best life, otherwise it would be completely one sided. This is not selfish. This is imperative. We can not serve others and should not without serving ourselves first. You can’t pour from an empty glass. That would be a severe alignment issue and a total mess. 

Like many of you, I’m in the process of reviewing goals and ideas for the next year. Determine what makes sense for yourself here during this time of planning. I urge you to audit, edit, and re-align yourself properly and appropriately. Look at people you find successful and better yet, those you find happy. I bet they spend time consciously aligning with their purpose and passions on a regular basis. What are their habits? 

What if you implemented a similar lifestyle? Imagine what YOU could do!

Years ago I started TFP and I didn’t fully know why. I just knew I had to write and share. It was innate. The journey has had some massive pivots, many of them because I determined the direction it was going was not in alignment with my purpose, passion, or philosophy. After 8 years, I have it more figured out. It is what I want it to be. It is something I’m proud of. It represents me and my values. So does my business and therefore, my clients match up with me because we are in alignment with each other. Like Michelle Obama, I am still becoming and will pivot again in the next 8 years with my blog, business, family, and fitness.  I now know it’s not only ok to do that, it is necessary and actually a sign of maturity that I can listen to my own small light. Can you? 

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