Aiming To Eat More Plants

Head into the holidays feeling healed and nourished! That is my plan. Now is the time to start the process, simply by eating more plants into your diet. I am excited to launch a new series on the blog this month.  I will be learning about the benefits of incorporating more plant based eating. I will be including recipes, shopping lists, and even local vendors I love who support this nutrition lifestyle. Check out the new blog section on plant based eating. In turn, you will get access to the information and resources I acquire too! 

We are not vegetarians in our house, not even close, but we have have nearly eliminated meat from our regular nutrition program. It is a healthier option, but more cost effective for us as well, especially since we are both large eaters. Our weekly grocery bill is our largest bill each month. The list includes lots of veggies, seafood, beans, eggs, and some dairy. In fact, Jason is running out to Whole Foods right now as I type this post to replenish some of our plant stash. 

Why we eat this way?

First of all, let me say how awesome it is to have a partner who shares my passion for good food. Not only good tasting, but high quality! We each ate this way before coming together and now we leverage that commonality for a healthy kitchen…most of the time 😉 Those delivery pizzas still find their way in from time to time. And I mean hello, froyo is life and part of ours!

I notice that when I eat better food sources, I feel better and in turn do better! My energy is up, my skin is clearer, and I recover from workouts easier. I decided a few years ago to eat this way all of the time. Less processed foods, less foods with labels, and more shopping on the outer areas of the market. With so many fantastic grocery stores around us, it is accessible and affordable to eat this way.

How do we get protein? 

Watch any food documentary on Netflix these days and you will hear a reoccurring theme from the experts. There is no sign of a protein deficiency in this country. Proteins come in many foods like beans, nuts, and even your favorite green veggies. More details can be found in this article. Our regular grocery list includes plant proteins like almonds, cashews, broccoli, black beans, and edamame. We do enjoy seafood regularly as well as eggs. Quality is very important to us but we don’t sweat over it. We do what we can with what is available where we shop.

What happens when we want meat?

Every 10-14 days or so we notice a little craving for meat. We acknowledge and aim for a high quality, local option if available. We love a good burger or steak and enjoy having them. Many neighborhood restaurants serve beef from nearby farms. If we are making a beef meal at home, we grab our meat from a farmers market or from our local butcher.We choose local grass feed and Wagyu when we can. Humanely treated animals and the processing of the meat is important to us. If we indulge in a less than desirable meat source, we immediately notice it. It could come in the form of lethargy or GI distress. We usually spend the next day or two repairing the nutritional damage we caused ourselves.

Want more info?

I will be expanding my personal plant based research this month. A few upcoming interviews, a couple of nutrition experiments, and even attending a conference. I am not a dietician or nutritionist, but I am a trainer, a foodie, and an athlete who wants to feel good! I am excited to share my findings and put some different nutritional tools into practice.

What are my goals for this series? 

  1. To learn how to better fuel my body with plants
  2. To heal my body with plants
  3. Create new recipes and meal options for my little family, friends, and clients
  4. To nourish my body and head into the holiday season ahead of the curve

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