Actionable Items for a New Way of Wellness

Chuck Your Health Ideals Out The Window. The 80’s were too extreme. The 90’s brought us strength training and Spandex! The 2000’s brainwashed us that carbs are bad! It’s time for a new decade and a new way of wellness.

2020! The year itself should spark you to take a closer look…have clearer vision! Take a stand for your wellness.

You ARE the CEO of your life.

Be deliberate and definitive with your choices, your regulations, your allowances.

Mary gets it!

Under this massive wellness umbrella falls: self care, sleep, fitness, faith, and nutrition. These become action items. Items that should ONLY make you feel good about yourself. If they bring forth anything but warm & fuzzy, abandon them.

Put yourself on a path that brings you emotional direction and fulfillment. Gain guidance from spiritual entities, books, podcasts, music, therapists, your tribe. Keep this in mind: no one has it all perfectly together. But many folks use a big bag of tools (items previously mentioned) to handle the difficult, turbulent, and traumatic times. I use my bag of tools daily! That’s how you go from surviving to thriving.

Enjoy the foods in your shopping cart and in turn, your kitchen.

Enjoy the way your workouts make you feel. I know a workout is in sync with my vibe when I finish feeling sweaty, satisfied, and wanting a bit more.

Devote 6-9 hours a night for rest. In a bed, no electronic stimulation. And if you need a nap, take it. This is where it’s important to implement boundaries for emotional and physical rest. Life is exhausting enough when things are good.

Think of a restful life from a holistic approach. No time for peace stealers and dream crushers.

Say no. Consider what would happen if you turned down that happy hour invite for some wellness time. Better yet, invite your happy hour buds to join you.

Follow your needs first, followed by the other living things in your home. Be solid before you can spare energy elsewhere.

Now that you have the suggestions, the tips of the trade. Implementation is where it gets exciting.

A few examples of Tribe TFP implementing change this past year!

Knowledge isn’t power. Action actually is. It’s the doing that creates a state change – and brings forth a new way of living, loving, existing. A new way of wellness. It’s a form of discipline. Or what I like to refer to as my ideals, my routine.

Here are the do’s!

Do better and refuse to value self worth from a scale

Do better and abandon the phrase cheat day

Do better and push back on post eating/drinking/sleeping guilt or criticism.

Internal or external critics need not apply!

Do better by building in nothing time.

Take those naps. Binge watch. Scroll. Meditate. Keep the boundaries.

Take pride in your space, your face, and your plate.

Clean your house! Your office! Your car! It’s where you spend your time the most.

Same for your face. Invest in a routine that’s easy to follow and leaves you feeling a bit nourished and pampered. It’s possible to have these little acts daily. I’ve recently added a few runs of my jade roller to the mix. It feels so therapeutic.

When it comes to your plate, you’ve gotta fuel your body and make room for a few things that simply feed the soul. That might be a weekly date night, a daily piece of chocolate, a few glasses of wine per week. Whatever it means to YOU.

Buy a minimal amount of pre packaged foods.

Stick with labels that include 1 ingredient in the label: canned goods, beans, grains, some pastas.

Buy quality meats.

Shop locally and organically. I’m a fan on The Village Butcher at Hilltop.

I am including this graphic for you! Use it as your own accountability pledge. Save it, upload it to your IG and tailor with your own carefully selected choices.

A blank pledge for you
My ideals


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