About This Site

jess-53Hello fellow fit readers! I am Jess and I am so excited to have you along on my fitness journey. We all need a tribe of people to encourage, support, and inspire us. My hope is that this platform will be that place for you. I am a lover of anything that makes you feel good and makes you do better. I have been an avid runner and self proclaimed fitness fanatic.

My blogging journey began in 2011 when I was training for yet another half marathon. At that time a romantic relationship was ending, my condo was falling apart, and a health scare shook my family to the core. I knew I needed to find grounding through training and the half marathon distance gave me that security and accountability I craved. I decided to journal and keep record of my progress. This lead to the creation of my own website and a love for all things social media. Before long, posts were being shared, online conversations were being had, traffic steadily grew and an audience was born! I created the blog while working as a marketing executive in Corporate America. I decided to leverage my marketing knowledge along with my passion for staying active to pursue this dream independently on my own. The entrepreneurship lifestyle is not one I ever thought I would be a part of, but it is one I fit into. I am a gypsy spirit of sorts creating my own place in the world and merging two unique passions: fitness and marketing. In 2014 I acquired both my American Council of Exercise and Road Runner Club of America certifications. Mixing my passion for marketing and fitness, makes for a fulfilling life that I can feel good about. This is not The Fast Petite, The Ripped Petite, or even The Skinny Petite. This is a space for everyday people looking to live the sweatfilled, soulful life daily.

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