A Nutrition Remix: Get Out Of Your Kitchen Comfort Zone

Watermelon Pineapple Water

Ok gang. Who’s up for a little challenge? A slight nutritional remix. Basically it’s a way of getting out of your kitchen comfort zone. I do these from time to time for various reasons. No matter my why, it always has purpose. It’s always well thought out. This week my WHY is to fight some overall body inflammation and belly bloat. After 3 road trips in 1 week, my body is physically feeling it and the signs are visible.



Participating in a nutritional remix is a great way to bust through a food rut. It forces you to incorporate different ingredients, create new recipes, and try some new things.

I use the same concept when approaching a workout rut. You want some different results? From time to time we have to shake it up. Make up a new workout circuit, swap your cardio, or pick up heavier weightsThat’s why I created a beach boot camp option for my clients starting this week. We will work differently and on new terrain.

While I spend time today re-vamping my meal plan and prepping new food for the week, here’s what I’m keeping in mind.

  1. GLUTEN: gluten is an inflammatory agent. Pasta has become a bit too easy for me lately. I bet I could find an alternative that’s more nutrient dense and is more of a complete meal, not just a bundle of carbs.
  2. SUGARS: keep your fresh fruit, but check any processed foods & go without any artificial sweeteners. Goodbye sodas and salad dressings! Go for flavored water instead. Use vinegars and sweet/savory spices to sweeten or flavor foods.
  3. ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION: I’m not a drinker during the week anyhow so this is a bit easier for me. Try bubbly water or diy fruit infused spa water. I love adding sliced cucumbers, pineapple, and even left over watermelon rinds to a large pitcher of water.
  4. DAIRY: I’m eating a bit too much cheese and eggs and in order to gain perspective and portion awareness I’m challenging myself to find alternatives. Think guacamole, Greek yogurt, or nutritional yeast. Leaner, greener, and cleaner!
  5. ALLOW FOR INDULGENCE: We can’t buy the expensive shoes every month. We can’t sleep in everyday. We can’t have cake and wine every night. But from time to time, it’s not only appropriate – it’s necessary. Perspective and priority my friends!
Greek Yogurt Bowl

You don’t need to try all 4. Maybe pick one or two. Maybe you have a completely different swap in mind. Make it fun, not forceful. Start small. The purpose is to bring awareness and attention to some habits that may need changing. When you swap out some of your weekly staples, you’ll probably notice some physical changes. Your skin may clear up, your belly may shrink, your energy rises, you may have lowered anxiety, and you may even better sleep!




Focus on these.

  1. Can you make it a week without X ?
  2. What did you put in it’s place?
  3. Did you miss it?
  4. How are you feeling without it?

I’ll be participating and experimenting with this until Friday. It’s a great way to break habits and build routine during the week. It allows Saturday or Sunday to be filled with celebration. Next weekend I have a bridal shower and I’ll def be indulging. It’s an appropriate time for treats. Once a week we need a rest day and a break from routine. I choose Saturday because it’s the most likely day for social engagements on my schedule.

How will you bust through your own rut and make your own change ?

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