A New York Christmas & Cocktails Weekend


A weekend away. 72 hours in New York City. Thousands of steps, sips, and conversation starters fit for an ideal girls trip. 

The short list. The tribe members. When you meet them you know you’ll be friends. You know this because when you meet them it’s usually over a shared interest, philosophy, or passion. I met Millie on a yoga retreat in Costa Rica in 2014. I was invited by another dear friend Jen to attend. One morning I was up early looking for coffee at our retreat center. So was Millie. We found the coffee and enjoyed it with this view and good conversation.

Nosara, Blue Spirit Costa Rica 2014

After the retreat was over we got together for breakfast and a blogging lesson. The meet ups continued over the years. Cocktails were always a part of the scene and the talks usually consisted of a mix of topics like fitness, nutrition, spirituality, entrepreneurship, and relationships (of all kinds).

I knew Millie would eventually take up permanent residence in her original home, New York. Not long ago she did. I’ve been loosely planning a trip to visit her for 18 months. Finally, about a month ago I saw a window and put a plan in play. A direct early morning flight. 3 full days and no agenda! The only thing I knew, the signature cocktails and conversations would be flowing.
Just because you can’t see the sun, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Kinda like God right?! We don’t always “see” him. But he’s there. The flame colored sun reflected off the Hudson with thick cloud cover. Moments before, we were high above it with this view. The extreme change of landscape from sand to skyscrapers wasn’t lost on me.
Throughout our weekend, Millie and I added some amazing meals, iconic sights, and thousands of steps. 72 hours that were equally relaxing and stimulating.
I was in awe of New York. I never viewed it from this angle before. It was my 4th time in the city and never have I seen it like this. Also I was in awe of my friend. I had not seen her from this viewpoint before either.  She thrives there. She’s one with the city. A navigator of sorts. Her kind spirit translates well in the Big Apple. From doormen to  bartenders, they all seem to draw towards her soul as I had in CR. Did I mention she’s a cardiologist? Kind of ironic since her heart is soooo BIG. Big enough to host you for 3 days without question. Big enough to have a quintessential NYC breakfast waiting for you along with surprise tickets to Broadway.
I left New York with a full heart, a full tummy, and many inspirations taking shape in the form of prayers, mindful mantras and craft cocktail recipes. More on all those wishes and dreams can be found on my IG story.
I hope my words and images inspire you to make a trip somewhere fabulous. Maybe you visit a friend. Maybe you travel deep inside your own self. Discover what sparks joy. Upon your return, create space with more of that.
A true highlight, prayer and candle lighting at St. Patrick’s
My first Sweaty Betty Splurge!
Blue Fin, Times Square. Metamorphosis Cocktail:  Effen Yuzu Vodka, Butterfly Pea Flower Ice Cube, lemongrass syrup, yuzu juice
Saturday morning yin yoga and meditation at Pure. The kind of class you almost fall asleep in.
Rainy but wonderful Washington Square
Dinner Upper East Side at Felice, A fabulous vodka martini. So good I ordered a second one, even though I couldn’t finish it. The charcuterie starter was a hit as well.
Chelsea Market, Instagram Photo Opportunity

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