A Honeymoon In Bermuda

A remote part of a remote island! That pretty much sums out where we were. Bermuda offers so many different types of hotels, resorts, and settings for a fabulous vacation. A full offering of city, beach, and plenty of history to take in. Let me chat about how we landed on Cambridge Beaches

Planning trips for us is Jason’s domain. He enjoys the process and is great at doing it! It is part of his adventurous DNA. Let me first say, he picked the perfect place for us to celebrate our new marriage. Immediately after our engagement last June, we both began researching honeymoon destinations. Where could we comfortably spend a week living our best life as newlyweds? Our research produced a shortlist: Tahiti, Greece, Hawaii, The Outer Islands of the Bahamas, and Bermuda. We were equally excited about these options. As the months went by, a quick travel time became attractive for this particular trip. We also wanted a place that we have never been and one that no one we knew had visited. We wanted a place all to ourselves. 

We settled on a toss up between the outer islands of the Bahamas (Abaco, Eleuthera, Bimini) or Bermuda. We wanted to be somewhat secluded but  accessible for adventuring if so desired. We had a handful of wishlist items. You could say we were searching for a unicorn of a trip. With it being such a special trip, we were determined to find it! 

When we first began our search, we both came across Cambridge Beaches. The more Jason looked into it, the more it appealed to us. A secluded resort on the Northwest tip of Bermuda. 

Here is how Bermuda and specifically, Cambridge Beaches rose to the top and became our choice. 

  1. Water. We are beach people and wanted the water to be close, clear, and swimmable. A color palette of not just blue but: azure, turquoise, and cerulean.

    Bermuda, Cambridge Beaches
  2. Adventure. We need a place we can get out and do.Our resort hand multiple beaches and onsite rental for several water sport activities. All we needed were a couple of paddle boards 🙂 Cambridge also houses a fabulous spa complete with steam room, sauna, and cool mist crystal hideout for you to experience and decompress at the end of your day.

    Paddleboarding Bermuda
  3. Room with A View. I love to hear the waves lap the beach and watch either the sun rise or set. Bermuda boosts about their views of water, sunsets, and scenery. Our room provided it all. Jason spent time calling the resort months ahead of time and secured the most amazing, private cottage where we could see turtles in the water from our patio. A wide open, unobstructed view of the infinite ocean horizon.

    View From Our Bed, Cambridge Beaches
  4. Adults only. As much as we appreciate family time, we wanted a quiet dining and beach experience this time around. We found ourselves surrounded by fellow honeymooners, several baby-mooners, and several repeat visitors at Cambridge.
  5. Food. We are foodies and kind of snobby when it comes to our cuisine. We don’t do chain restaurants and resort food isn’t appealing to us. With 3 onsite restaurants, Cambridge offered fresh, local, unique menu options daily. Not to mention, anywhere we ate on the island had their own specific style. Lots of fresh catch, but no sight of boring basic seafood.
  6. Travel Time. Only 3 hours of fly time to get there. We left VA early morning Monday and we were there not long after lunchtime. We were in the water on paddleboards touring our resort in the afternoon. The same was true for our departure the following Saturday. We spent the morning in the spa detoxing and relaxing a little longer before jet setting back home.5 nights and 6 full days of frolicking in the saltiest, clearest water I have ever seen.

Jason nailed every item on our honeymoon wish list and then some. He has been everywhere from Turks to Barbados and claims the water and surroundings in Bermuda were the most beautiful. Immediately we sunk into vacay mode. The first night we slept for 11+ hours and found ourselves shutting down and being more restful than we even anticipated. We spent the majority of our sabbatical at our resort and felt completely comfortable. A place with no elevators and old fashioned room keys.

Interesting facts about Bermuda that make it clean, attractive for tourists, and special for residents. 

  1. One car per household. That car must be under a certain size. The roads are so tiny and the island is only about 20 square miles.
  2. The speed limit is enforced at 21 mph.
  3. No billboard advertising aloud.
  4. Homes/buildings are painted within the gorgeous Bermuda color palette.
  5. Many observe daily tea time.
  6. Number of churches per capita is one of the highest in the world.
  7. No natural source of fresh water. They use underground tanks to collect and purify rain water from their unique and recognizable white stone roofs.

Wherever you decide to go, know that a honeymoon is so important. Disconnect from the day to day, dive deep into downtime. Soak up your surroundings and your new spouse.  I am so thankful for our most amazing trip! If you choose Bermuda for your next destination, we know it will be just Bermudaful

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