4 Tips to Make Your Fall Fitness More Fun

Earlier this month I found myself looking at my calendar and realizing there were no fitness goals in site. I further realized what an amazing opportunity this was and I must take full advantage of it. For this moment, I have total freedom in my fitness game. The next 90 days will be an experiment of running, strength, and more. My goal is to discover what it feels like to have no rules, no routines, and no structure.

This season I am falling back to basics….

For years I have been a fan of surfing legend Laird Hamilton. Him and fellow athlete wife Gabrielle Reece seem to have it figured out. They take part in regular workouts that include swimming, stand up paddle boarding, strength training, and of course surfing. Their bodies are constantly in motion and they are always switching it up. This philosophy mixed with healthy nutrition habits lead to their impressive physical bodies.  Recently I have also become a fan of Mark Sisson.  This senior citizen is the founder of the Primal Blueprint, a concept I find interesting and while not practicing, it is one I believe makes perfect sense. Feel free to learn more about it here.  All these legends have something in common. They go back to basics. They keep it simple with moves, foods, and routines that have been proven to work for humans for years.

Monday evening I found myself on my beach, doing my kind of workout. Some sprinting, some squating, and some sand. Lately I have found myself on my beach with no real workout plan in place, yet the time I spend there is spent in workout mode. I’ve found my way back! Back to my fitness roots. back to basics. Workouts that are short, yet efficient strength training circuits. They feature body weight exercises and combinations designed to raise the heart rate and bring powerful payoffs. A positive and negative for me is that my body responds quickly to change. Exercise or…no exercise my body responds. Good news, is that little tweaks bring big results in a short amount of time.

Here are a few ideas you can implement today to tweak your own fitness and get back to basics this for yourself. Explore, experiment, and have fun this fall…because who needs to wait for New Year’s to make a resolution.

1. Toss your routine out the window. Go back to the things you love to do and focus on just that. Back to your own basics.

2. Add light weights to moves you already love. If lunges are your jam, step up your game by holding:   10 lb free weights |  10-15 lb kettlebell | weighted ball.

3. Amp up the reps. Start small. Consider jumping up from 10 to 12 when going through your curls. After a week or two there, jump to 15. Increase quantity slowly and conservatively.

4. Opt for air time. Put a little jump in your tried and true air squats. By adding a slight bit of force and power,  you are able to work your muscles differently, yet controlled. Be mindful of form!

Choose one or two of my training tricks. Have fun experimenting and notice how your body responds.


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