3 Things To Get You Motivated

If you have spent any time scanning your tv channels this week, then you probably caught a glimpse of some impressive fitness wins. The Crossfit Games are in full effect with local Champion Ben Smith proving he could still be the Fittest Man on the Earth.  Usain Bolt remains to wow us with ihs speed during the London Anniversary Games.  USA Sprinter Keni Harrison finally had her moment of glory in the 100m also during the Anniversary Games. She is now faster than ever…or anyone in the 100m with a time of 12.2, watch her reaction here. Proving that with even missing the Olympic Team during the trials, you can press on and  still take title of the most impressive of all…World Record Holder.

 If witnessing these powerful people isn’t enough to get you up and going, you may need a little extra boost.  With hot days ahead and the distractions of summer cocktails and sand time, I know the struggle can be real to muscle up some motivation and get your workout in.  Check out my 3 full proof tips to power up your passion and get you motivated to do work.

1 Swap your technology.

Leave the watch, grab the tunes. Put your energy towards your love of the sport instead of the grind for time. If that’s not convincing enough, download this throw back Girl Power playlist.

Dirty – Christine Aquilera

Wait A Minute – The Pussycat Dolls

Heartbreaker – Mariah Carey feat Jay-Z

Fantasy – Mariah Carey

No, No, No Part 2 – Destiny’s Child

Summerboy – Lady GaGa

Money Honey – Lady GaGA


2 Find a cheerleader!

Call a fellow fitness friend that is a good, positive motivator. Sharing a conversation about how real the struggle is, especially on these hot days, can help you feel validated in your pursuit of fitness. Their encouragement and motivation will help to get you out the door. Sometimes just a short text can be all you need to get that body moving.  Luckily my tribe is packed full of fitness chicks to cheer me on when I need it. I text Kristy, Braden texts me, Megan texts Kris…it is clockwork and contagious!  Just by checking in with each other, pushes us towards our individual goals.


3. Forget about weight loss.

Focus on feeing better. I moved a couple months ago and I didn’t bring the scale from my old rental house with me to my new pad. I don’t miss it at all. I know I weigh 120+ something but not exactly sure. Exercise makes me feel good which in turn makes me look good. When you drink champagne you don’t worry about the drawbacks…you only think about the way it makes you feel. Same concept here!


 Share your top motivation tips with us and be sure to share this article with your fitness tribe to keep them motivated and moving during these slower summer months.

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