3 Fresh and Fast No Cook Summer Recipes

Fresh, fast, and no cooking required! This time of year, I prefer to get my heat on outdoors, verses over the stove. I equally enjoy shopping for the flavors of the season at of our local farmers markets. These two recipes are things I make every summer and are both popular ones that those around me look forward to. They are perfect to accompany any meal prep, a party pleaser, or just to enjoy for at home snacking.

Marinated toms and cucumbers have made me popular with roommates over the years. Including my new permanent one 😉 With it being summer and being that these ingredients are readily available, I wanted to share this simply summer must have. It is a staple in all southern kitchens, and a weekly side dish for us. Pretty much the only kitchen tools you need are a knife and cutting board. I like to slice my veggies super thin so they soak up all the flavors and goodness of the dressing.  Toss with a hefty pour of rice wine vinegar, a little splash of olive or avocado oil, salt, pepper, minced garlic, and a petite drop of agave. Play with the ratio and perfect your own dressing to liking. You can enjoy right away, or make a batch and eat a little all week. Some say it is better leftover.

 My pineapple salsa is a recipe I snagged from my long distance friend Bridget years ago. She made it for a work party and I,  along with everyone else, went crazy for it. Just me and a food processor gets the job done. I have made it for both a girls night and for a family happy hour on our pier. Most recently, I made it for a friend’s pool party (adding chopped jalapeno). I like to serve with blue corn chips. It is easy and a hit, perfect as a dip or a topping on chicken or shrimp.


Avocado toast…this is like a thing now! Smashing avocado all over perfectly good toast and possibly adding toppings…lemon juice, red pepper flakes, or Everything But The Bagel seasoning from Trader’s. There is nothing like it. Try adding next to toms, eggs, or even feta cheese to brighten up your breakfast or lunch!

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