Plant Based Eating: 28 Day Challenge at Whole Foods

Ever been in a food rut? Do you need some nutritional tips? Do you want to make a lifestyle change?

These are all questions we may have asked ourselves at one time or another. I eat healthy and I love learning new recipes and cooking tips that go with my desire for a healthy/fit lifestyle. That is why I decided to attend the 28 day challenge at Whole Foods Virginia Beach. I remember how excited I was when I learned Virginia Beach would be getting a Whole Foods Market. I had no idea that the market would be so involved and in touch with our local market place after opening. On any given day you can spot local vendors, attend workshops, or events held right at the store.  I am a fan of our local farmers and often visit the local farmer’s markets, but having a fully stocked store to drop into at anytime is great and convenient.

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This week I began the 28 day challenge class. This class was limited to under 20 people and was sold out. The workshop will be held every Monday evening from 6-8 in the Virginia Beach Whole Foods market. Tonight we shared a lot of dialogue regarding eating habits, beliefs, and opinions. Students ranged from all walks of life. There were singles, mothers, and couples. We had self proclaimed sugar addicts, people with chronic illness, and people who had recently  made a lifestyle change. The one thing we all had in common is that we all wanted to learn about more ways to better take care and fuel our bodies.

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The 28 day challenge revolves around the idea of a plant based diet.  I believe term diet is on its way out. The trendy diet these days, is to not be on a diet at all, but to eat in a certain lifestyle. #livethelifestyle,  as I often say in my blog. The term vegetarian and vegan are old news. These terms tend to elicit a negative connotation and lend themselves to many interpretations. For example, if you are a vegetarian but eat candy bars, chips, and processed food are you fueling your body properly? The term plant based is just that, it is based on plants. Based doesn’t necessarily mean exclusive. I have always thought there was a spiritual element regarding my eating. After all didn’t Jesus feed the crowd with fish and bread? Fish is not a plant, so I eat fish. I also eat chicken. Having said that, animal based proteins are only as good as where they come from. Just like a human can fill themselves with junk and toxins, so can animals. When consuming animal products, look for organic, free range, grass fed, etc.

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During the next 28 days, I hope to find some new plant based proteins to add into my mix. I also look forward to learning some new recipes. I will be more attentive and aware of how I feel after eating certain foods. I challenge you to do the same. How do you feel after you eat a steak? After pasta? After vegetables? Do some vegetables bother you more than others?

You don’t need to have 28 days to challenge yourself. Start with something small such as no meat one day a week. Keep a journal and monitor your progress.

***If you are looking to make a drastic nutritional change or have a medical condition, please visit a physician and/or see a registered dietician for customized, individual meal planning and counseling***

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