2017: A Revelation

The whole time I thought I was supposed to listen to other experts when it came to my fitness. It turns out, the only voice I really needed to hold value in was the one deep inside. Often I pull inspiration from other industry leaders, influencers, and friends. They provide amazing value with their tips and tricks. Content I thoroughly enjoy scrolling through daily. My hope is that they find value in my content as well.

It is an empowering feeling to know that I too am an expert in fitness and wellness. Likewise, there is no better expert for what this spirit needs more than me. My purpose has always been clear: share my struggles, situations, and celebrations in hopes of relating to and helping others. Whether I’m training you in the gym, in your home, virtually, or you follow along on this blog…you are part of my tribe. You’ve chosen to enhance your fitness game!!! You have committed to growth in some way for your own journey.

While we are on the topic of your journey, I would challenge you to spend more time listening to your voice as well. You can identify what you need for yourself just as I have learned to do. Can you hear it? Place value on it. Now it becomes up to you to determine how to get those needs met. Who or what do you need to support that?

To be able to identify your needs, but to set in motion a plan to feed it is crucial and I believe, key to a strong spirit.

You are probably thinking a bit about goals this week. Think about not only your goals…shift that energy to understanding your needs? If you really listen you’ll be amazed at what you discover. Determine the difference and determine what is worth investing in and what is not worth negotiating for.

It’s about being fit…spiritually. I have always been a believer in achieving my best self. The definition of what that means has changed over the years and it should change again many more times. What I hold as important and where I hold it on the list depends so much on circumstances just as much as it depends on how it serves me spiritually. 2017 was a year of slowing down, sending prayer, giving grace, growth, and love. It was a year that brought me from the desert to dessert and everywhere in between.



I closed out the year listening to a fellow expert and friend lead a community flow class (Ann Stevens, Studio Bamboo). “Don’t be afraid to make a splash” she said. I’ll take that mantra and weave it right into my own narrative. It’s impossible to say what 2018 will bring. It is a chapter that I am actively writing. I look forward to character development, story edits, and plot twists.

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